Laurie Gardiner’s works include numerous short stories and poems published in various anthologies. Her debut novel, Tranquility, was inspired by her work as a personal support worker specializing in dementia care.
Laurie is a Canadian, mother of three, an avid reader, a yogi, and a Gemini. She grew up on a farm in remote northern Ontario, where, as her father liked to say, “The mosquitoes are so big they sit on the power lines to drink from the ditches.” Although now a converted city girl, Laurie is still drawn to the wild beauty of the north and visits often, armed with bug spray.

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  1. Oh boy Laurie, I have just read your Commuterlit exerpt from Tranquility, and you so nailed a day in the life of any given facility across the country where dementia patients abide. I have been a nurse since the late 60s in Sudbury, Elliot Lake and Thunder Bay, and for the past 10 years have taught the PSW program, so I was thrilled to see such a factual and well-written slice of institution life at mealtime. I can put faces to most of the patient names and personalities mentioned in today’s Commuterlit offering, and want more. I will try to get your novel ASAP–I am semi retired but a working musician in a bluegrass band as well, so don’t get too much time to read. You can go to my little spot at http://www.amazon.com/Gloria-Jean-Hansen/e/B00CC7SKUQ for some background. If you ever ever come to the Elliot Lake area, please call me at 705 848 0448 and we can swap some caregiver stories over a cuppa at Timmy’s or my house. Also have lots of room if you need a place to stay!
    Good stuff, Laurie–you made my day!

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  2. Linda says:

    Just finished Tranquility! LOVED this book so much. I had a hard time waiting for the end to make sure justice was gotten. It’s been a long time since I picked up a book but now that I have found someone who makes reading enjoyable, I will be watching and waiting for new works of yours to come out. Keep on writing Laurie because you certainly have a way with words.


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