A Haunting of Words Blog Tour

19488897_482625932129956_3857001133466027838_oToday kicks off the A Haunting of Words blog tour where you get a chance to meet some of the authors who contributed to the latest short story anthology by Scout Media!

Today we meet author Monica Sagle.

Title / Storm House by Monica Sagle
Blurb / Storm House is about a house that, with every storm, sees the ghostly re-enactment of a murder. A wife killed by her husband. In recent years, the wife has managed to change things and now they take turns killing each other. This time, she thinks she may have found a way to sleep through those annoying storms altogether.
How long have you been a writer? / I have always written little stories for myself. However about four years ago I decided to take it seriously, learning as much as I could about the craft and art of writing. I joined a critique group for my novel work and I am a member of several on line critiquing groups.
What genre do you associate most with in your writing?/ I generally say that I am a fantasy writer. Although some of my short stories are Sci Fi and speculative fiction.
What are you working on now?/ I recently finished my first novel, (I’m looking for an agent at this time,) and I have started a new novel.
What else do you have published?/ Storm House is my first publication, but I am hopeful that several other short stories will find homes soon.
What advice would you offer to new writers?/ Learn the craft, then the art of writing, and be prepared to be learning for the rest of your life, as the learning never ends. And find a good critiquing group, either physically or online, to help you hone your craft.
List links where people can find your writing. I don’t have any places for that at this time, although I am considering a web site soon.

For now, people can find me at www.facebook.com/MonicaZwikstraAuthor/ or @monicasaglezwik on twitter.
You can purchase A Haunting of Words (available in paperback and eBook) through the Scout Media online store at: www.scoutmediabooksmusic.com/a-haunting-of-words and get an exclusive companion soundtrack CD, or through Barnes & Nobles, Target, Books-a-Million, and Amazon.

About Laurie Gardiner

Laurie has loved writing as long as she can remember. Her first published work, “'Til Death Do Us Part,” placed first in the 1997 Cambridge Writers’ Collective short story contest. Her latest works include short stories, “Retribution" and "Thief," appearing respectively in Scout Media's 2016 and 2017 anthologies, A Journey of Words and A Haunting of Words. Over the years, her poetry has also been published in various anthologies. Her debut novel, Tranquility, published in 2015, by Escargot Books and Music, was inspired by her work as a personal support worker specializing in dementia care. In 2015, she graduated with honors from Conestoga College’s Creative Writing program. She’s a Canadian, an avid reader, a yogi, and a Gemini. She grew up on a farm in remote northern Ontario, and now lives in Cambridge, Ontario with her husband and cat.
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